Twelfth Night

The Colonial Theatre

dir, Harland Meltzer

"Jeremiah Clapp ... is perfectly cast as the handsome, brooding duke and gives a top-notch performance."

-Nancy Burns-Fusaro, The Westerly Sun


Florida Repertory Theatre

dir, V. Craig Heidenreich

"Jeremiah Clapp is ... excellent ... His Lloyd is at turns cagey, child-like, completely likable, a total basket case and flat-out menacing." - Charles Runnells, Fort Myers News-Press


"Lloyd's eager personality ... begins to twist and become quite terrifying, and Clapp executed this flawlessly. Every action of his was very precise, and it added so much to the intensity of this story." - Emily Yorgey, Broadway World


The Colonial Theatre

dir, Harland Meltzer

"...Complex and heartbreaking, poignant and difficult ... the handsome Jeremiah Clapp ... gives a brilliant portrayal of the brooding, troubled [Prince Hamlet]"

-Nancy Burns-Fusaro, The Westerly Sun

Luna Gale

Cleveland Play House

dir, Austin Pendleton

"...Clapp as Luna Gale’s strung-out yet sympathetic [parent], ... [is] particularly superb."
-Bob Abelman, The News-Herald


"Jeremiah Clapp shines as the drugged-out Peter, Luna Gale’s father, who takes advantage of an intervention and rises to be a hero who may well save the child’s emotional and physical life."
-Roy Berko, COOL Cleveland



"Jeremiah Clapp as Peter starts off nearly comatose but is able to show his progress to recovery until his eventual redemption."
-Mark Horning, AXS



"Peter ... a wonderfully twitchy and affecting Jeremiah Clapp..."

-Andrea Simakis, The Plain Dealer



"Jeremiah Clapp gives Peter a game attitude once he fully awakens from his meth coma."

-Christine Howey, Cleveland Scene